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Looking for Product, New Business Idea?

Are you a business looking for new products or maybe you already know what you specifically need, we are here to help. We can work for you as sourcing agents timely and effectively delivering your desired product, stress free so you can focus on your daily business.

Our agents in Brazil source the products for you directly from the manufacturer or supplier, providing the highest level of quality control.

We will find the best product for your business, whether you are interested in a long term relationship or short term venture.

Searching for the next thing?

You’re looking to start something new ? Looking for your next opportunity? We can help you on your journey…

Since the country of Brazil is one of the fastest developing countries, there are many business and product opportunities, don’t give up on innovation, we offer:

  • Consulting

    Answering your questions and listening to your business needs helping you in your idea generating process. We work behind the scenes, contacting suppliers, liaising with businesses in Brazil, providing further advice for global expansion and offering freight forwarding advise.

If you are a business owner in Brazil or overseas we can help you in entering new markets in continents previously unattainable such as Europe. We can help you choose the best web development, advertising, marketing and promotion options to boost your business.

Looking for Suppliers

Here we can provide you our service as Trading agents or matchmakers, if you are looking for a new supplier or manufacturer for a short or long term relationship this is where we jump in, we have a few options for how we can provide this service:

  • By mutual understanding we are able to connect you straight away to the manufacturer or supplier without our intervenience.
  • Would you rather focus on your day to day business and let us do the work for you? We can do it all — hiring dealers, invoicing customers, distributors and representatives, overseeing marketing and packaging, arranging shipping.
  • Advise in web development, advertising, and promotions.

Looking for European Orders?

Growing your business in Latin America ? You would like to expand, targeting new markets? Having difficulties with language and cultural barrier?

Let us help you grow out of your comfort zone, we can offer you, product development, market research, web developing, advise you in advertising and marketing, cultivate contacts to buyers and suppliers in Europe.

We can help pave your path to the foreign market.

With our multilingual team, your opportunities are endless.


Many eCommerce shops new or established face the problem of product sourcing, especially those in the early stages of inception.

When your business starts making sales much more time and focus is given to developing the business; advertising, marketing, publicity campaigns and keeping up with the demands become a part of our day to day activities.

New eCommerce businesses spend so much time on big online business platforms, with this in mind, it can be difficult to source and choose new business directions, sampling products, seeking suppliers and making changes can seem like the impossible.

If you are one of those companies, and would like to make your business life easier, do not hesitate to Contact Us

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