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The Bridge between businesses

  • BridgeTrade was conceived by individuals who shared a common interest in wanting to create a business which would be life changing and challenging.
  • Ultimately where they could use their unique skills, energy and personal talents. With this in mind, BridgeTrade was born to make your business life easier, to guide and help you with all of your import and export needs and everything else that lies in between.
  • The biggest asset of our company is that we work together as one TEAM trusting each other following the same passions because this is how success is made.


We have just what it takes. Research & Efficiency

  • We work with the highest quality of manufacturers and suppliers from Brazil.We are a multilingual team. By using innovative,bespoke technology programs and software, we can fulfill all your business demands efficiently and professionally.
  • We put trust in our hard working and honest business partners. If you would like to learn more about why we choose this country click here.
  • Our agents in Brazil source for us the best possible products and deals working around the clock to ensure that every opportunity is captured.
  • Whether you are just starting up or already a business owner and your company is ready to expand and demand new products, don’t waste time in seizing the opportunity to GROW. In or outside the EU we are sure we can help you find the best product or service needed to let you focus on developing your company.

Our Mission

Company that Works for World Development

Our mission is to master international trade and be a part of economic growth creating a company that works for world development.

One of the Best Trading Agencies on the Market

Were planning to become one of the best trading agencies out there, with our agents in Brazil and our head office in Ireland we are hyper mobile.

One that creates a relational bridge between Nations

Established not only to create sales internationally but broker relations between Nations and to create a lasting relationship that will help economic growth for years to come.


No business, man or entity should go without the support of another.

  • Although from completely different backgrounds and with different interests and skills, combined, the team at BridgeTrade create what we like to call one big Meta-Human. Together we can inspire, we can create, teach and bridge relationships that were previously hidden in the Dark.
  • We hope to bring Brazil and the trade between there and the rest of the world into the forefront of the global market. Creating not only large amounts of profit and revenue but lasting business alliances to help forge a better business climate for all involved. Dreamers, innovators and true people – people we want to help all involved and leave a lasting footprint on the environment as without the foundations given to us by our planet we would not have the propensity to grow and thrive.

We believe that no business, man or entity should go without the support of another.

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